Selling a beautiful Steinhart Ocean Vintage GMT. The watch was beautiful and the size was perfect. It keeps GREAT time as well. I havent carefully timed it for a while but I did after I bought it last year and it was +1/2s per day. I havent adjusted the time in the last six months or so and it gains only less than 5 minutes. It is the best in my humble collection in terms of time keeping. Wear condition is good with some faint marks on the sides of the case and at the top of the bezel (see photos) & obviously the bracelet. All of them are very minor and can be easily buffed off. I don't wanna do it cause it is just not worth it for a beater, I dont do it even for my Omega and previously my IWC. The sapphire is completely clean.

The watch comes with everything originally and it has ~1.5 years of warranty left.

Price is $515 reduced to $500 Paypaled and shipped. CONUS only. No trades please.