Hey WUS.

Went on a bit of a spree when I sold my planet ocean. I picked this up from the original owner. This is basically a sterile Kobold SEAL without the monstrous price. This is also half of what you'd pay for a new one.

As for the watch it's in very good used condition. I used my ultrasonic cleaner and simple green to clean the bracelet and end links. Very few light marks on the sides and bezel. I did notice some type of reflection or something just below the 12 o'clock marker on the crystal. Very hard to notice. I can't feel anything with my fingernail so I'm not sure what it is. Just want to mention for full disclosure. Overall though very good condition.

The original owner never took it off the bracelet. I ran into trouble getting the bracelet off but a jeweler was able to free the lug bar. I since threw all the old ones away. Howard at WestCoastime will be able to sell you new screwbars for $35. I called and verified he has them and the price.

EDIT: I have been wearing this around the house for the past 24 hrs and it is +4sec/day on the wrist! WOW!!

Also, I have listed the WCT bracelet, anvil and brown leather strap for sale separately. Will adjust listing if these sell prior to the watch.

The package will include:
  • watch
  • full bracelet and endlinks
  • pull through tool
  • small metal box, pillow
  • brown/red leather strap (new) $40 value

Optional (for additional $$)
  • new 22mm Borealis strap $25
  • new black toxic nato strap $20
  • new grey toxic nato strap $20
  • anvil bracelet $40 (pins not screws)

Standard package

These are the spring bars I used so the ends stick through the lug holes
Optional straps

Price to move at $600 shipped and insured in the US (only). If you want to add any of the optional straps, just let me know.