I have a beautiful 1st generation G. Gerlach Lux-Sport with white subdial.

It worked fine until I couldn't wind it anymore.
A local watchmaker opened it and said it is "broken".

I have no interest in finding out if it is repairable,
so I want to offer it to anyone who might enjoy tinkering with it,
or maybe a modder or an amateur watchmaker or whatever.

Do let me know why this is watch is any good for you,
and if you can offer something in return, or not.
A Speedy Pro or Tudor BB, would make me really happy though.

I'm in the EU, so do consider the shipping.

Oh, and if you buy my Longines HydroConquest,
you get the G. Gerlach for free without shipping costs;

Here's a review for some detailed info;

Thank you for watching!