Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon Limited Edition of 1000 pieces worldwide, "Alligator" model with black dial, special edition box w/submarine model 1000M diver 42mm includes Ball rubber strap 3 extra links as seen in pictures. The rubber strap for some reason does not have the OEM tang, not sure what happened to it, anyway selling for $1500 OBRO or trade for diver or chronograph of equal value. Watch is running strong and fine.

The USS Alligator, the fourth United States Navy ship of that name, is the first known U.S. Navy submarine, and was active during the American Civil War. The first American submarine, built during the Revolutionary War, was Turtle, which the civilian David Bushnell designed and built, and Sergeant Ezra Lee of the Continental Army operated.
The Navy Yard on 3 July 1862 replaced Alligator's oars with a hand cranked screw propeller, thereby increasing her speed to about 4 knots (7.4 km/h). On 18 March 1863, President Lincoln observed the submarine in operation.