Selling here a big chunk of steel.
Got it a few months ago and even though I like it, I really want a Tudor Ranger and selling the Puck is the only way I can fund the Ranger.

So, the watch is in very good condition with a only a few small marks, mostly on the clasp.
The Sapphire crystal is in excellent condition.
The 3 at the 30min marking has changed colour , turning brownish. The lume is in no way affected.

Comes with the original SS bracelet, rubber strap and a handmade leather strap, similar to the one I saw in a few teaser photos before the Puck was officially released.
It also comes with a spare bezel.
The paint on the insert was probably sanded off( I cannot imagine why).

I am looking for 1000 euros.
An European union sale would be preferred due to the shorter shopping time but I'm open to anything as long as we agree on shipping time costs.