Introducing the SNZF35J, a perfect kick-starter for newbies.

TRYING to find the perfect piece to kick-start a new collection of watches can be a tiresome task. There are thousands of designs to choose from. Limiting yourself to the offerings of a single brand might make things easier but you would still be spoiled for choice.

Choosing something that can be appropriately dressed up or down would be ideal to suit different settings. And assuming you are an adventurous young person who is taking his first steps into the world of watches then this is definitely the way to go.

The SNZF35J is a great choice for a versatile everyday piece. Not many are familiar with it and even fewer are aware it exists. I would say it is among the most understated watches to have emerged from Seiko's production line in recent years.

The SNZF35J is sleek enough to slip under the cuff. It has an appearance elegantly suited for evening events, yet it can easily pull-off a sport-casual look with just a simple change of the strap.

The watch itself is a testament of great design. There are fine details on the dial and beautiful beveling on the case and lugs. There is finesse everywhere you look thus elevating the SNZF35J to a level of sophistication that exceeds its price point.

For some, the best part of its design is the alluring aesthetics of a studded bezel. The concept was borrowed from the prestigious house in Schaffhausen, but subtle iterations help set it apart from being a reference to one of Genta’s most striking creations, the IWC Ingenieur.

The SNZF35J is certainly not among the more commonly seen Seikos. Being somewhat obscure from the public’s eye makes it a charming piece that is both desirable and unique.

A lug width of 20mm yields plenty of strap-changing options for exploring different looks. And like all watches intended by Seiko, the SNZF35J, with its 38mm x 12mm case, offers unlimited fun and joy to anybody that is lucky enough to own one.

A piece that can accompany you to business meetings, dinner parties and outings at the sports club, the SNZF35J is indeed a worthy consideration for anyone looking to attain exceptional quality and versatility at an affordable price point.

Please excuse the dust in the pictures. Thank you for looking.