Trying to kick this crazy WIS habit and move on to another hobby. This is the last of my more expensive watches (yes, I know that's relative) for sale and will be picking up a 39mm to 40mm pilot's watch/flieger as my one and done. So if you have one, I would be interested in a trade. Or just a straight sell.

Picked this up a couple weeks ago. It's a great looking watch, just not bonding with it. Worn it consistently since I received it, but carefully at work only. This is the limited edition GSG 9 version. Not sure how many of these were produced, but here's a great article about the EZM2 - - The Sinn Einsatzzeitmesser 2 (EZM2). Near the end, it states, "Looking at the relative rarity of EZM2 models, these 40 issued watches are the most sought after of these watches, followed by the ‘non issued’ GSG9 model, which Sinn sources say number around 500 across all the editions." This is not one of the 40 issued watches, but one of the GSG9 models as can be distinguished from the red logo on the dial and the white date wheel at the 3.

Found another post on Rolex Forum of a member there that sold a similar, but not as nice, EZM2 for $1,800. He claimed there are fewer than 150 of these GSG9 models out there. Here's the link -

Crystal - I see no marks
Bezel insert - I see no marks
Case and bezel - Minor flea bites typical of daily use but not abuse. No gouges or deep scratches.
Bracelet - Minor rub marks consistent with daily use, but no gouges or deep scratches. Currently sized to a 7.1" wrist. Includes three extra links.

Serviced in 2016 so you have at least 5 more years until another service is needed. Comes with manual and service receipt card from 2016. No box or extras. What you see is what you get.

Priced at $1,600. Free shipping and insurance in the CONUS. No international sales.
Or, would consider a trade for a Marathon TSAR plus cash, or a 40mm Ball +/- cash depending on model and condition.

Thanks for looking.