$1980 Net. Paypal preferred. CONUS Only. I will cover expedited shipping expenses. Catch & Release for me. Decided I need a dive watch instead. No trade offers, please.

Complete set! Comes with original leather satchel, strap changing tool, and papers (completed by Authorized Dealer in England). Ships with 2 Bremont straps. Brown strap shows very little wear, while the grey strap does show significant wear (still life left though)..

I would rate the watch as "good" to "very good condition" on the TZ scale. The watch shows what might be considered.normal wear by a careful owner who wore the watch regularly..A few scratches are evident (on bezel between 12 and 1 o'clock), with a few tiny nicks on the lower bezel. No dings. If the marks are an issue, my understanding is that Bremont replaces the bezel for no additional charge during the first service (but don't quote me on that). Running and keeping good.time. The crown that changes the time is a bit stiff, but that's common with the MB crowns. A sound, attractive presentation.overall. 83-87%.

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