EDIT: In case this got buried in the minutiae of my post, I will accept trade offers--preferably, a 2-for-1 on my end. I've been working with one member on possible trade options, but we just haven't gotten there. I just wanted to mention that those that are like me, and enjoy experiencing different watches, it doesn't necessarily have to be a 'cheap' watch plus the BOLDR for a slightly better watch--there are some nice Micros out there, like NTH, Lew and Huey, Zelos, Halios, Helson, Helm, Nethuns, etc. I will consider putting together, say, the BOLDR and my Karlskrona, or Nethuns, or Spinnaker, or possibly my Dive Master 500 Chrono, now that I have a Mechanical coming in...

Anyway, if this BOLDR doesn't move soon, I'll withdraw it and put up a different watch, and try the BOLDR another time Regardless, thank you for you consideration! END EDIT

Hello, again. Got another tough one I have to let go, here, the BOLDR Voyager Pacific. A Fantastic watch. I purchased it new just a couple of months ago. NH-35A Movement, AR Domed Sapphire Crystal, Brass case (with some patina, of course). Comes on a 20mm ZULU-style NATO with one signed brass 'loop'. Has a sandwich dial with Old Radium Lume which is fairly bright, and lasts a good long time. Nothing not to like about this watch. The 'metallic' Blue bezel insert is gorgeous, and goes very well with the 'matte' Blue Dial.

We all know watches at this price-point are not 'investments'--we have to pay the 'rental' price for ownership, so I am offering this, including US CONUS Shipping and Paypal Fees included, for $240 OBO (which it's important to know for those that do not include these fees, that these run around $25 total when all added up at this price-point--so I'm only netting $215). I know that all you all really care about is what is coming out of your pocket; just providing insight to my side of the equation...what I care about...how much money do I have to use to pay bills/make other purchases, which amounts to a hefty $75 'rental fee', so basically, low-ball offers will politely be ignored.

I never like to completely shut-out a trade option, but cash cannot come from my end, and I'm not really interested in much below this price-point, so multiple pieces from my end is a possibility--just please hit me up on PM if you are interested!

Thank you very much for your consideration of this listing. I do have quite a bit of favorable Feedback here on WUS; I always aim to make sure the other party is satisfied with their purchase or trade. This is not a business for me; it's a hobby, but in order to 'fund' my hobby, selling and trading is a necessary evil.

Cheers! And enjoy the pics!