Hello, all!

I have sadly been unsuccessful in my attempts to acquire an SRP785J1 to complete the Seiko 5 Mt Fuji Limited Edition trio collection of the SRP781 - SRP783 - SRP785.

I purchased the SRP781J1 & SRP783J1 several months prior. Since then, I have been looking for the SRP785J1 to complete the collection, to no avail. I have worn each, the 781 & 783, a handful of times. They are in Mint condition. The Straps are brand new and were taken off immediately upon arrival, and have been worn on NATOs, when worn.

The SRP783 does suffer from Seikos infamous inability to actually align anything correctly, lol, and as such when the "N" is aligned, the "E", "W", and "S" are not...and vice versa. It's not horrible, but noticeable.

Anyway, I am selling them as a PAIR ONLY - $420 FIRM. The price includes any PP fees and US CONUS Shipping costs. For International Shipping--the price is $410 FIRM, with the burden of the Shipping/Import Duties costs to the buyer; I will not fudge Customs forms, so please do not ask. They will be shipped at a value of $400.

I'm usually not this 'firm' on my items, and typically will accept trades, single item purchases, etc., but in this case, if I do part with these, it will be as a PAIR--SALE ONLY. I have the original Boxes/Tags. NATO straps pictured are NOT included, but I will include a NATO Strap for each that will match fairly well to the watch.

Attached are a couple of photos. These are absolutely gorgeous, and it saddens me that I was not able to acquire the SRP785J1 anywhere for a reasonable price. While this price for the pair may seem steep, those who have seen the prices of these Seiko 5 LE Edition pieces know that this is a fair offer for both, especially considering being "J" versions. I know there is no particular advantage to "J" vs "K" versions, but the "J" versions seem to be a little more rare, and harder to come by.

Thank you all very much for your consideration of these items. I have lots of Positive Feedback, here at WUS, as a Seller, Trader, and buyer, alike. I strive to ensure the other party is satisfied with the purchase and/or trade. I do my best to represent the items as clearly as possible, but they are used items, and I do not own a loupe, but I assure you, these have been cared for greatly.

Please PM me if interested, along with your e-mail address, and I will provide additional photos, if desired, when able. I will be very busy over the next day or so, but will do my best to respond within a couple of hours.