Hey all,

Really don't want to sell this, but the good deal fairy has been overly active on the forums and this is the most replaceable later. It's in great shape, I don't see any major points of wear, but I have worn it on and off, so expect wear commensurate with that. This watch was bought (by the previous owner) at an AD in February and is still covered by the warranty.

I am looking for $350 net, shipped within the US.

Please PM me with any additional questions or concerns, I'll be happy to answer.

I am a private collector and not a dealer. I will not accept a return unless the watch proves to be substantively different than my pictures show and/or how I've described here. I post current, unedited pictures of the watch you're buying and I can also send a quick video via email or iMessage if you'd like. I have done many deals on the watch forums without issue, everything from Panerai and Rolex to G-Shock and Seiko. You can find my feedback by searching for my username on Watchuseek and the like. TLDR Version: Please ask before you buy.