Ladies and gentlemen, I recently decided to clean out my collection( current state of the collection is 116 pieces!!! and I still have NINE incoming- meaning, they have been fully paid for...), and NO, I don't HAVE to sell anything. So,please please please, refrain from making any low ball offers, especially those which sounds like you doing a charity of buying the watch from me- I found those offers the most arrogant and annoying. My price is firm but fair. Also, please refrain from telling me that "if you would have complete package, like all the original straps,you might then consider buying the watch". Please, you are buying the WATCH because you like/want that watch, not because you buying the watch because of straps. I found it to be idiotic notion of buying the watch just because you like the strap. Anyway, those OEM straps are often overrated and of crappy quality.
Alright, runt is over and now to the description:
Model: Zelos Abyss MK1
Case: 43mm Bronze
Movement: Automatic Miyota 9015 with date at 3
Lug width: 22mm
WR: 3000m
Dial: black
Other: Helium escape valve, two crowns (one is for rotating inner bezel), outer rotating bezel.
Condition: heavy patina(to some extent,nothing crazy), overall condition is great.Keeps great time and function properly.
What you'll get: wooden box, leather watch roll (never used), one OEM rubber strap (never used), OEM leather backed canvas strap with OEM bronze buckle.Canvas strap is used but has plenty of life left and in great condition.
I usually don't consider trades, I'd rather sell; however, the ONLY trade I will consider is Zelos Abyss MK2, single crown, blue dial (the one with turbine wheel as a seconds pointer).
My selling price is $600 and includes PP and shipping CONUS, all overseas buyers will have to pay shipping.
Just keep in mind that original price for this model was $820.
Thanks for looking!