FSOT Rolex 16570 Explorer II Black Dial '06 Full Set

Good Morning All, I've got a Black Dial 16570 Explorer II from 2006, full set all links papers handtag box outer box. It is in good honest worn condition, all original, appears to be unpolished. Some typical marks on the bracelet and case you'd expect from a daily wearer. I believe I am the 4th owner of this watch. Runs well keeping good time. I wore it for about 4-5 days straight and rested it crown up on the nightstand overnight, in total it gained approximately 30-35 seconds, so it is running SLIGHTLY fast. I received word from a previous owner that this watch was serviced and pressure tested in 2017. There is an ever so slight mark on the sapphire right above the O in Rolex, roughly 1-2mm long. It is only visible when you tilt the watch and look at the crystal at an angle, but disappears head on. I'm pretty OCD about these types of things, and it honestly didn't even bother me because it wasn't noticeable most of the time.

Interested in Germans, JLC, Rolex, grand seiko. Willing (and preferred) to trade significantly down if the deal is right. Looking for mostly cash my way, preferred sale. I have plenty of feedback here on WUS in the deals section and also 100% rating with many transactions on ebay under the username adashuadashu. I have also done dozens of deals in facebook watch groups.

value $5,500

F2F STRONGLY preferred

I will be in the DC Metro again soon, Portland in October, and Milwaukee in December. Otherwise, we can discuss shipping via Fedex or UPS.

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