This is a catch and release, not because I don't want it (I've been searching for one of these for ages), but because of financial reasons that popped up shortly after I bought it.

It's in great shape and seems to keep time around -6sec/day. Previous owner said he had it since 2008 and said that he'd worn it sparingly and never had it serviced, so it's probably due for a nice spa day. Case has some strap change rash, but crystal is pristine. Dial glows like a torch when it catches some sun, and stays lit for a good long time. Bezel action is crisp with no backlash, and crown screws down smoothly.

US Seal Bracelet is sized for 7.25", and has extra links. Madrid 12hr insert was sold separately. Original insert was re-installed.

Looking for net $800--> $775--> $750--> $725--> $700 shipped to US. PP preferred. No trades.