Well, this is my only "dress" watch, and guess what? i pretty
much never get "dressed". So i'm going to send this off to
the first person who'd like to take this watch out for some fine
dining, or the opera, or whatever i used to get "dressed" for
in nyc ( i've been in vermont quite a while now, i think wearing
a suit here means your carhartt pants are the same color as
your jacket

I am using the previous seller's photos, as they're better than
mine ( mine is the wrist shot.) These photos make the watch's
wear appear to be way more egregious than the eye ever will,
it's a very fine-looking watch on the wrist. I did toss the strap
that it came on in the trash, i will include the suede strap that
you see in the wrist shot.

Please feel free to make any offer, but i'm not looking to trade
right now for anything but a renovated 6217, and i know i'd
have to add cash for that. Otherwise, a straight sale.

The case back has a Kanji inscription that i never had translated,
the previous seller blotted it out digitally so as not to betray
anybody's privacy. I think it adds to the story of the watch, i
would like to know who gave it to whom....

p.s. this watch is keeping really very good time, it was thoroughly
cleaned and serviced by the previous owner, it is completely
original besides the plexi crystal which is a replacement and is
in excellent condition. previous owner timed it as =-2 secs per
day! This is a certified chronometer.

Asking $600, no trades, thanks for looking, thanks W.U.S.