Withdrawing. I will size it and add it to the rotation.

"I had forgotten I had pre-ordered this one until I noticed a Fedex email confirm this Portus Cale is arriving this Monday July 30th before 10:30 AM. Thus, I am able to turn it around without opening the box to anyone who is after this model. Otherwise, I may be tempted, but the consolidation shall continue after ballooning from 5 watches to 27 in 2018, and now back at 17 plus 5 incoming. Selling to CONUS only only. No trades. I pay for immediate insured/priority 2 day shipping and paypal fees.

It does make sense to open the box and take pictures of the Portus to post here on Monday.

thanks Isaac

This shipment was tendered to FedEx Express on 07/27/2018.
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Tracking # 7728230XXXXX
Ship date:
Fri, 7/27/2018
Cortion, Lda
Amadora, 2700581
Delivery progress bar
Picked up
Scheduled delivery:
Mon, 7/30/2018 by 10:30 am
Shipment Facts
Tracking number: 7728230XXXXX
Service type: FedEx International Priority®
Packaging type: FedEx® Pak
Number of pieces: 1
Weight: 0.50 kg.
Special handling/Services: Deliver Weekday