FS Seiko SBDC053 / SPB053 with Yobokies Ceramic Bezel Insert (Reserved for JaseRico)

$700 PayPal Only (All shipping and Paypal fees on me)
This price includes the Seiko watch head, Yobokies Ceramic Bezel Insert (Installed), OEM Bezel Insert, Seiko Bracelet from the SBDC051 & Original Unused Seiko Rubber Strap & All boxes and Tags that came with the watch.

It will be carefully packed and wrapped so there is no chance of anything getting scratched or damaged

Watch is running great and keeping good time. Crown winds and sets smoothly as it should. I would say that almost every part of this one is almost LNIB. The only sign of wear is on the underside of the clasp there are signs that it has been opened and shut several times & The OEM Bezel Insert has scuffs on it. The marks on the clasp can not be seen when wearing the watch & the OEM Bezel Insert scratches are the reason for the Ceramic Bezel Insert mod. There is nothing else you can see with the naked eye & I don't see anything with a loop either.

Thanks for looking