For those of you not familiar with the brand, this is a good place to start in your research:

Meistersinger is a German brand... yet their watches are Swiss Made. Many of the movements are ETA or Unitas, special ordered up... Many of the new models have in house complications as well.

All Meistersinger watches are high quality timepieces in every respect. Afficienados often become collectors, and with low production numbers of the more complicated pieces, they become collectors of rarities.

Simply gorgeous, and very unique.

MSRP is $1595 US

Purchased from a Canadian Authorized Dealer. Brand new... and warranty begins the day you purchase it. Some of the Meistersingers that I will have on offer have been in the dealers's showcase and may have minimal shopwear. Some come from the factory without a strap on and may have minor scratches on the lugs from the dealer installation.

The watch is in Montreal, Canada.

My price is $995 US$ on your wrist to any address in Canada or the US.

It will come with full manufacturer's warranty, and the most unique watch boxset I have seen to date.

Please pm with any questions.