This is a catch and release for me. I just received this last week from Gnomon and I'm not bonding with it as I had hoped. It is the best finished micro brand at $500 that I have seen. When you consider the ceramic bezel, multiple finishes on the complex case, and the ETA 2824 Elabore movement the value proposition here is incredible. But my rule in collecting is to buy what you like and keep what you love. This one just doesn't move into keeper category for me.

The lume on this watch is really good. FOr once the bezel lume doesn't fade before the hands and dial. The entire thing is visible through the night with dark adjusted eye sight. Comes with complete kit from Gnomon including unworn straps (not pictured). The strap in the pictures is my own and not included in the sale. Sticker still on case back. Worn for pictures only and then back in box.

i am offering it for $SEE LATEST BUMP including shipping and paypal. CONUS Sales only.

In addition, the Evant Decodiver is finished with multiple intricate finishings. Almost every surface is finished differently that we think listing them in point form will only give them justice, so here we go:

1. Top surface – Circular satin brushed
2. Connecting lugs surface – Polished
3. Sides of case – Vertical brushed
4. Thin bevel that runs from length to length – Polished
5. Crown guard - Polished
6. Sides of bezel – Polished

Alot of thoughts has gone into the mix of finishing for the Decodiver where every intersecting surface is met with a different finishing; brushed with polished and vice versa.

With the mixture of finishing gives the Decodiver an upmarket feel, that are found usually in timepieces that cost a lot more. One can definitely admire it every time light hits on the different surface of the watch, bringing out a sense of occasion.

The Evant Decodiver comes with two straps to give them very different looks. The new straps are handmade in Germany. To compliment the overall looks, the straps are 22mm tapered down to 18mm for that classy old school charm. Still found on the strap is the iconic Evant buckle that is machined from a solid block of stainless steel.

Strap 1. Handmade Mocha Vintage Leather Strap (Whip stitched with saddler's seam).
Natural tanning method. Due to the vintage leather, every strap's patina can vary. Perfect for a corporate profile at the boardroom meeting

Length: 82mm/114mm; Thickness: 3mm

Strap 2. Handmade Tan Nubuck Leather Strap (Full stitched in matching color).
Perfect for a corporate profile at the boardroom meeting
Length: 82mm/114mm; Thickness: 3.5mm to 3mm