I can't believe I am doing this, but here goes. I've wanted a Doxa for years. YEARS! I held off because I'd never seen one in the flesh or, more importantly, tried one on, and it's a big investment to make without that foreknowledge. I finally took the plunge for the Poseidon Edition and it lives up to all of my expectations except my biggest fear, which is that it would feel too small for my tastes. Unfortunately, it's just a smidge smaller than I prefer in all dimensions. It is brand new, never worn, never even unwrapped. I opened the clasp, put it on my wrist, showed it to my wife who instantly said "that looks way too small on you", and that was that. Everything is included that came in the box, except I would really like to keep the strap tool they threw in. I need that to prove that I did indeed at one time, however brief, own a Doxa. And it's really darn cool to boot.

I am asking $2500, which includes shipping and insurance. US only.

I will consider a few very specific trades:

Doxa 1500t Searambler (this is closer to the size I prefer).

Doxa 50th Anniversary or Black Lung (I'm hoping the flared lugs on the bracelet will add just enough wrist presence to make it work for me)

Tudor Black Bay Bronze (brown bezel). I would add cash towards this trade, obviously.

Just to keep things interesting, maybe a Seiko MM300.