For sale I have my Damasko DB1 the Timeless Luxury Watches Limited Edition of 50. Similar to the DA36/DA38.

If you're not familiar with the model the changes are:
1. Beautiful rustic leather strap
2. "Patina" lume, and matching day/date color. Includes fully lumed dial, including the numberals, unlike the DA38 (see pictures).

Size: 40 x 48 x 12.2mm

Loved this watch when I saw it, and though it would be the perfect daily wearer. I bought it directly from Timeless when first released. Unfortunately it was too nice to wear daily, and just didn't see the wrist time it deserves. I wore it a handful of times, but definitely wasn't the daily wearer I intended.

I wore it mostly on NATO, so the brown leather strap is pretty much unworn (I think I tried it on when I first got it). I replaced the springbars with Marathon springbars, which are shoulder-less and extend the full length of the lug holes for better security. I will include the original springbars as well.

For my asking price, I will include a Toxic Olive Green NATO which I think looks great with this watch.

Comes with everything received from Timeless, including the plastic protector over the watch head, box, paperwork.

PRICE: $1100 Shipped and Paypal'd in the US.

Sorry not interested in any trades at this time.... unless maybe you have a Sinn 809 lying around

Please let me know if you have any questions or need any other pictures:


Previous pictures (wrist shot on NATO and lume shot)

Note: I had a brainfart and wrote 5/26/17 on my original tag. I changed to 5/26/18.... as it is 2018....