Hello all! Some standards for sale. I'm gonna pay shipping and PayPal fees, so the prices are all in. (That being said, you wanna thro a buck or 2 my way to offset, feel free :..) All watches work as they're supposed to. Consider them used but all of the crystals are clean. If I have a box I'll send it, but no guarantees (they're stored in a bigger box and I honestly don't know if I any particular one). Also gonna keep these as PayPal and CONUS only. Always willing to trade but I'm only interested in GMT Divers at the moment.

Like New Ecozilla w/City Zilla adapters- $180.00
Used Ecozilla- $140.00
Mudmaster GG1000- $130.00
Deep Blue Nato- SOLD
PAG 240- $100.00

Thanks for looking!