S/N: 4.4 mil (1976/7)

Case: Excellent 40mm case, has been polished in the past to a very high standard. Serial and reference numbers are crisp and well defined.

Dial: Excellent Mk 1 dial with creamy markers. When I got the watch, it came with service hour, minute, and second hands, so I sourced period correct ones to match the lume. The replacement hands came from Michael Klan, so no worries about authenticity. Date wheel with open 6s and 9s.

The service hands will be included as well.

Bracelet: 78360 with minimal stretch, 580 endlinks, 93150 clasp - This means that the endlinks and clasp are correct for a 1680 Sub, but the oyster bracelet itself is correct for a GMT.

Accessories: None

PRICE: $11,995

Please feel free to whatsapp me at (44) 7415 399 131 or email me at joshuadavidmintz @ gmail.com (no spaces)

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talljosh is highly recommended!
tallJosh is a great buyer!