Dear fellow watch enthusiasts,

I'm putting up for sale a couple of watches to help with some personal expenses, and, while I hate to see them go, I like the idea of others being able to enjoy them.

Send me a PM or write me at vercimber @ hotmail DOT com if you're interested in the Damasko!

The Damasko DB1, bought new in February of 2018, is in perfect shape. I need at a firm $1475, as this watch is the German version of the Timeless collaboration and is not available in the US. Like the Timeless collaboration, there are only 50 of these watches made. If one were to import this watch, duty fees would apply, so this is a good chance to get a 40mm SILVER DB1 special edition for a fair price from someone in the CONUS. Again, this one's on a strap in the photos that isn't included, but the really beautiful camel OEM strap is included, of course. This one is covered under Jewelier Raffner, a well-known German AD. The Damasko guarantee is included.

The Zurich Weltzeit has been sold.

I would strongly prefer a CONUS deal, but I will entertain an international shipment. If within CONUS, shipping is on me. If international, it's on you. I take PayPal plus 3% fees.

Pictures below. Thanks for your consideration.