WATCH HAS BEEN SOLD. thanks WUS and buyer

For sale is a mint condition Seiko SRPC41K mini-turtle, this is the limited PADI edition. A great review of the watch can be found at:

The serial number on the watch indicates a manufacture date of December 2017. I have worn it, at most, twice. I am selling it because I only bought it to get the blue OEM strap it came with. I have the blue mini-turtle model, SRPC39K, which comes on a BLACK silicone strap. So I bought the PADI model because I wanted its BLUE silicone strap, to use with the blue watch (as pictured in this thread):

SRPC37K1 arrived - Mini Turtle

So I am selling the PADI model with the BLACK silicone strap that the 37K1 came on. It's the exact same strap, same buckle and material, just different color. It also comes on a brown Panerai-like leather strap, also pictured, that I added. The watch also comes with its box, manual, hangtag -- everything it came with when I bought it new. The watch is basically mint condition.

Price is $250, shipping CONUS, we split the PayPal fees. I have a number of excellent references on this site.

Please keep in mind that, when I put Seikos up for sale, I price them low for a quick sale. I don't list them high and then bump them down repeatedly with incremental reductions. As a result, they usually sell within a day or two after they're posted (with usually about a dozen inquiries). I mention this because, every time I list one of these watches, I get buyers who really want the watch but don't realize how many other people are inquiring. When they try to nickel and dime $20 off the price, those buyers invariably end up missing out to someone who comes in and offers to pay my (generally low) asking price up front.

Thanks for looking.