Hi Everybody,

I'm selling off a large part of my Squale collection to raise money for some humanitarian activity local near me. I have several listed on eBay now. You can find my stuff there, my seller name on eBay is: wil.e

You can reach me here on WUS or at my email: gooddogsinc@aol.com and purchase anything I have listed for up to 15% off of those eBay prices if we can come to terms dealing directly, person to person. I've bought and sold here plenty and I post on instagram under the name zippyfeeds8. Thunderdaddy was taken and the likes of whom that kind of handle is taken by is very different than anything I've ever imagined myself to be or be like!

Sorry I don't have links posted here- you'll have to do a little detective work to get to the stuff. The money will change lives and do for those who currently cannot do for themselves, your help will change lives so please check things out. My collection is phenomenal and the watches I have for sale are bangin! Thanks in advance for taking a look.

eBay: wil.e
Instagram: zippyfeeds8
email: gooddogsinc@aol.com