STEINHART Ocean One Premium 500 Titanium

I am the original owner, have all the original box and paperwork as well as the extra links that I took off to fit my 6.75" wrist.

It's in pretty good shape with some scuffs on the bracelet due to normal use while fighting off dragons and 3 headed monsters. There were some saved maidens in the process.

It was sent in to Steinhart after a few months of owership as the 24 hr marker wouldn't line up correctly, an issue with quite a few of them if you read through some of the reviews.

They held onto it for about a month, painfully testing it by having German machines take it through rigorous test, as well as (I'm assuming) having some well trained divers take it down to 1500 feet to make sure it was well within its limits of operation. It came back working great, and everything is lining up correctly.

I have not had the chance to time it as I'm usually holding onto the steering wheel of an overly fast car, or pulling on the release strap while Newtons laws try to take control of my body after jumping out an airplane, but I haven't noticed anything unusual about how it tracks our perception of time.

Here are the pictures of the watch, and the box and paperwork all sit at my office atm. I will get some addition pictures of them when I get back there, but I assure you everything is there.

It’s also sat peacefully on my wrist as I’ve read my child some stories.

I’m offering this humble horological device for $500 shipped domestically from Atlanta.

No trades as I’ve got a lead on another great adventure that I’ve already committed to.

Thanks for looking and feel free to ask any questions.