FS: Deep Blue Master Explorer 1000

1. 45mm S/S case
2. Yellow Dial
3. S/S bracelet--sized for 7.5-8"
4. 1k water resistance
5. Sapphire crystal
6, Automatic

Condition: LN/Mint--watch has only been worn to be sized--it rests with its watch friends in a watch case with an occasional winding--I think there is an extra link with this watch.

Price: $225 includes shipping--CONUS--Paypal preferred

About the Watch and Me: I have recently sold a lot of my DB collection--I love DB but am to the age--early 70's where I find myself with too many watches--many of you will be like this in "X" number of years. I have only recently learned to post photos--still learning actually. You have a 2 day inspection period. Return at your expense but I have never actually had a return of any of the watches I have sold. I try to be accurate in my descriptions.