First the Invicta. It looks new, I just bought it a few months ago from Amazon but tried to take the cyclops off without the proper torch. I didn't ding anything except the cyclops, I chipped it trying to remove it. Didn't scratch the crystal or mess up the bezel. I've run out of steam on this project. Someone out there can buy this at a discount who has the proper torch and can remove it in 30 seconds but I give up. Comes with its unused stainless bracelet, no box.

Second the G. It too looks new. It started life as a GA-100MC but I switched the cloth strap over to a GW-6900 I have and put the GW's strap on the GA. It fit like it's supposed to be there. So, I opened the GA's back to put in a new battery. It wasn't as easy as everyone told me but I did get it in. In the process the B button stopped working (which works the light so the light doesn't work). It still runs great but that needs attending to. Someone here with watch-specific mechanical ability will get that sorted out in a few minutes but I give up. It's the module 5081 but no manual, I didn't receive anything but the watch when I bought it used.

I want to sell these both as one sale, not individually. $85 for both (that's less than I paid for the Invicta), shipped USPS Priority to CONUS only. I accept Paypal only. Again, no shipping outside the US of A. Thanks for looking.