SOLD! Thank you again WUS!

Hi again WUS!

I'm reluctantly putting this watch up for sale as this was really the first watch that got me into the love of the hobby. A little bit of a longish post as usual but the background is making me nostalgic and I wanted to share with the watch fam.

I originally bought an SKX007 for my old boss (who was a watch enthusiast and really helped get me into the hobby) after supporting me during a big year I had at work. I liked the look of it so much that I ended up buying one for myself as well. It got a decent bit of wear but after picking up some other pieces it started to not get much wrist time. The fact that the 7S26 movement kind of sucks (yes I said it, no hack and no handwind in a modern watch makes zero sense to me) kind of kept it in the watch box. Then I learned about modding. I loved the watch so much all things considered that I decided to send it to Duarte at NEWW for a full makeover. After receiving it back and going through a couple of bracelets to decide on the Uncle Seiko beads of rice, it became the "Perfect SKX" to me.

The reason I am selling / offering up for trade? I realized this week that I have 4 black-faced dive watches. And after picking up my grail (GMT Master II) at the end of last year, this just isn't getting the wrist time it deserves. I've had a few blue-faced dive watches and I miss the diversity in face color. Every time I wear it I fall in love again but I realize that I really want to get back into a blue diver before I keep modding this thing.

This is not your standard crystal swap light mod, I addressed everything I didn't like about the watch in OEM form while still retaining the awesome character of the SKX. All work was performed by the famed Duarte at North East Watch Works and the watch was pressure tested. Here is the mod list:

  • 4R36 swapped (hacking, handwinding) with new stem and crown to compensate. Winds and sets incredibly smoothly, probably the smoothest of all of my watches (including my Rolex). Currently running at an absurdly accurate spec between 0.5sec and 1.5sec per day when worn and resting face up (see pics)
  • Yobokies C3 superluminova Type S (original Samurai style) hour, minutes, seconds hands. Lume matches the OEM dial perfectly
  • Yobokies double dome sapphire with blue AR swap. Yobokies' crystal is slightly thinner than other brands and as such sits below the bezel insert. While not sitting flush or above the insert like others, I actually really liked the 3D effect and the extra protection it provided the crystal.
  • Lumed Ceramic Bezel Inserts "Planet Ocean" style lumed ceramic insert
  • One Second Closer "The Bloody Morning" see through red-tinted caseback (rated to 15ATM). The look of this skeleton caseback is incredible and it was a very limited run of only 50 units. I spoke to Krzysztof and he said he would probably never again make another run of these...a very cool and very rare piece! This caseback makes the watch wear a little larger, thicker, and heavier; if you prefer the stock caseback that will be included as well.
  • Uncle Seiko beads of rice bracelet. One of the most comfortable and well built aftermarket bracelets I've ever owned. This one is even nicer than the Yobokies variant (I've had both)

I would rate the overall condition at a conservative 85% because I am really particular about the condition of my watches. The bracelet is in extremely good condition with very, very minor hairlines even on the clasp. The bezel, bezel insert and crystal are flawless. There are some light swirls and a scuff on the side of the case that I tried to pick up in the really harsh sunlight pictures, there won't be any surprises though I've included plenty of pics! This is a really incredible piece and will treat you well for a really long time.

The transaction will include the watch, original inner and outer box and papers and all OEM parts (7S26 movement, bezel insert, hands, OEM hardlex with a small nick on it, caseback) except for the OEM jubilee bracelet which I no longer have.

For outright purchase, I am looking for $425 shipped and Paypalled, CONUS only. I believe this price is reasonable considering it would cost +/- $600 and a lot of time and energy ordering parts from all over the globe to make this come together (can you tell I've been through a couple of builds now?). I have a lot of verifiable flawless feedback on WUS and Reddit, feel free to look me up as I will be doing the same for you!

For trades, I would mostly consider blue-faced automatic divers between 40-45mm (no larger). I would not be interested in quartz nor in most micro-brand divers (I have owned them and appreciate them but mostly not what I'm looking for).
What I would really gravitate toward:

  • Seiko Samurai SRPB49 blue dial on bracelet (near mint) + cash to me
  • Seiko Samurai SRPB51 pepsi on bracelet not rubber (near mint) + cash to me
  • Seiko Samuari SRPB09 Blue Lagoon
  • Wild card (not a diver) - Christopher Ward C5 Malvern Automatic MKIII (steel blue or steel white dials)

On to the pics! More can be found here:

If you made it this far, thanks for looking and message me with any interest!