I need to seriously simplify things on my end, so I am going to put up a bunch of affordables and interesting pieces for people to grab. There is at least 1 freebie in play here, so dig in!

I will accept trade offers, but I am only interested in something in the 36mm-38mm size with an explorer style dial and at least 50M of WR. I would also entertain a swap with cash for a Luminox 7050 series (the 38mm size). I can add cash if needed, doesn't need to be a straight trade.

First is a 1982 British MoD issued G10 Fatboy quartz watch. I replaced the battery last week and it is ticking away like a champ. I am selling because of the fixed bars, 19mm width lugs, and the fat case. Having said that, it is my birth year. That means I am not opposed to keeping it. As such, I am firm on this price. The case shows signs of wear, as does the crystal. The crystal will buff out with Polywatch, the case has enough dings that this is a beater, not a display piece for a collector. Though that means it likely saw action. The strap pictured comes with it, as does another 19mm nylon strap with thicker hardware. I cross-posted it on Reddit, hence the timestamp with my Reddit user name in one pic. $135


Next is a Timex I just picked up here on the forum. Also cross-posted on Reddit. FWIW its a nice watch, it's just taller than I was expecting and not really what I was looking for. There is less ticking than most Timex, the second hand hits a decent number of minute markers, and the indiglo works well. The countdown timer bezel is an interesting touch. Box included. $40 -> SOLD in a flash... clearly underpriced it. :)

Next, early 1980s Hamilton quartz field watch for L.L.Bean. Great little wearable piece. Another one I have an affinity for and therefore am firm on price. Case is clean, especially for a 36 year old watch. Strap included is a phoenix nylon strap. *I am now including several other 18mm nylon straps I found* Crystal shows a few scratches, again some polywatch fixes this right up. Keeping time within the second to the NIST clock for me so far, well under 20 seconds off per month by my calculation... very good performance. The dial shows some sheen to the upper left quadrant... call it patina. Only noticeable at a hard angle from 9-10 o'clock and impossible to photograph, sorry. $130-> SOLD

Next, Casio world time, AKA Casio Royale. Only comes on its stock strap. Good condition, crystal and case look clear. Pretty sure I have the box somewhere. $10 with the purchase of another watch (i.e. I won't ship this separately)


Next, Casio A158 steel version. Pretty sure I still have the packaging. Good condition, a few bracelet marks from the desk. $8 with the purchase of another watch (i.e. I won't ship this separately).

Multiples get deals, otherwise I am pretty firm since I am absorbing PP fees and shipping in the states. But I am open to a reasonable offer.

For almost any watch, I can provide a ton of bonus straps (especially in the 20mm and 22mm lug range) on the cheap.

Thanks for the space!