Vintage Rolex GMT Master Original owner with original Rolex bracelets lot for sale.

This is the story you always hear about in the watch/car world and it's never true.
I thought that until I got a call from:

A 60 year old female who wants to bring her Dads 1972 Rolex GMT Master into my shop for an inspection and to discuss settling her Dads estate.

I am brokering a deal to sell it for her on her behalf.
It comes with an interesting history:

She remembers him buying this watch in 1972 and he loved it.
Used and loved for about 5 years and went to Rolex in 1977 for its first service.

I consulted with Rolex experts on this watch and it has a 77 dial, hand set and bezel which makes sense for that time frame in service history.

(Note:) I inquired with the daughter to confirm this and she said her Mom had a fit at the cost of the Rolex service...hence why it had seen 2 other Watchmakers marks in the case back.

Which I give props too. Both Watchmakers did a beautiful job in handling the service in the 80's and early 90's. The screws, bridges, balance and plates are just fantastic. Nothing chewed or scratched. Rotor bearing has no play.
The dial is remarkable as well as the hands in condition.
Bezel insert and fluted areas just excellent. Bezel will turn but look at the crud. Did not force anything.

Watch sets/runs and has an Amp of 170. I didn't manual wind it very much as the watch is need of a service. Beat Error at .07 which can be tuned to 0
Non quick set correct for the era. Instant date change right at midnight. The movement is in awesome shape. Case tube threads and crown screw in properly. No cross threading and re use able in the future service overhaul.

I'm pretty sure during the first Rolex service the case had been redone. It shows wear of 20+ years of use. I'll let the pictures tell the story. I have more if you need them. Just send me your email address. I have a direct contact number upon request.
Inside of the case, the lips for the seal just excellent. Zero corrosion or pitting.

I cleaned nothing up here except to photograph the case reference and serial number.

The Rolex bracelets--- All are included in the sale. Coming from the original owner they all match in length except the last. Description in order:

The Sea Dweller/Submariner---- was on the watch when it was brought in my shop...hence the matching DNA. 9315 with 593 matching links puts it right in the sweet spot for collectors looking for a numbers correct Red Sea Dweller or Sub.
Flip lock all there. Its used but its a winner. Father bought as old Rolex stock in the early 70's. He didn't like the hair pulling Jubilee Mom said.

The Jubilee---All there, no bent links including end pieces. Used but not a shot worn out bracelet. Were pretty sure this came on Dads GMT watch new.

The Rivet Link----dates to 1/70---Looks like it's missing one link but still match in length compared to the others. Dad had other Rolex's and we believe this was on an early Explorer or Air king?. Its in really nice used shape.

The Rivet Flex---This is for parts. Clasp and links nice. Needs repair and end links for parts or restore. Dates for the 1950's 3 years only produced GMT? That watch was not found during the Estate liquidation. I inquired given the value of that particular GMT.

I have lots of pictures if you want them. Ask questions and I will answer prompt.

I also have a direct contact number upon request to speak with concerning the watch. My hours are 12-10 PM EST
I am a Master Watchmaker with 10 years in the business with excellent feedback.

Watch will be sold to customers within the U.S.A only.

I do not have an export license to ship any watches valued more than $5000.00.

You can contact me at: for a direct contact number or additional photos.

This sale ad can also be viewed in its full length at Texas Watch Talk forums.

$18,500.00 O.B.O

I will make note to a couple things. Nothing like this has ever sold in the last year. I have seen parts GMT's and very ratty ones "sell" in the $12-13,500 range. That was for the head only. There is room for a profit to be made or keep for ones collection. We are reasonable for a fair sale price offer, so please check past sales and do the research. Ask your Rolex Experts for help in making a smart financial decision. They can be found here in the forums as well as other places.

No original box or papers. :(


Brian Leiser
"31 Jewels"
Master Watchmaker