Hello - for sale a is a Gulfmaster GWN1000 Mod. I guess it's a Blue Stormtrooper, and it's definitely a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing. It's a GWN1000C stealth module and sensor cover with a GWN1000E strap, screws, case cover, and bezel. It turned out a lot better than I expected. I really dig it, but I'm keeping the other Gulfmaster (it's just the opposite - I swapped parts between a 1000C and 1000E). I have a hang-up with having the same the watches. I always feel like I'm missing out on something different when I have two that are too similar. I want to keep it, but I know it won't get as much wrist time as the 1000E with the 1000C hardware. So I'm selling it because I know it's just inevitable.

If I've kept your attention this far, you know about this watch. Triple Sensor. Multi-band 6 Atomic. Tough Solar/Tough Movement. 200m water resistant. Smart Access Crown. It displays barometric pressure in about 4 different ways. It has a compass, thermometer and altimeter. The hands and indices are lumed. It has a dual LED light - one shines on the dial and the other is a backlight for digital display. It eliminates one of the common complaints of lesser and older ana-digi G-Shocks. And it, of course, has all the stuff regular G-Shocks have: 4 or 5 alarms, countdown timer, stopwatch/chronograph, world time, etc... You can get the full specs here: https://www.gshock.com/watches/master-of-g/gwn1000b-1b.

As for the condition, really the only thing to mention is the crystal. It has some pitting/splattering of some sort. It's almost like it got sprayed with gravel or got pecked by something. The bezel of the GWN1000C was spotless when I got it, so whatever it was only dinged the crystal. And I wore it for a few days as it was - stock - and the spots never bothered me. I took some PolyWatch to the crystal and it reduced, but not eliminated, them. I did the best I could to capture them in the pictures below taken with my phone. And PLEASE KEEP IN MIND the pics were taken at extreme angles with harsh lighting to intentionally show the condition in good faith of full disclosure. But as I mentioned, in the few days I wore it I never noticed the spots in regular wear. Other than that, it's like new - the strap and bezel are clean. The metal keeper still has the plastic on it. All functions work. It received a manual atomic signal in the middle of the day on the east end of my house in Minnesota without breaking a sweat. I did add a blue perlon keeper to combat one of the complaints of the Gulfmaster - the strap is too thin for the keeper and it slides around. The extra keeper will keep it in place. I have a black perlon keeper on the Gulfmaster I'm keeping.

I'm asking $200 >>> $190 u.s.d. or best offer. I will consider trades - up, down, partial, whatever - I like wheeling and dealing. However, I am interested in a Seiko SRP773 Blue Turtle - with or without bracelet or strap is fine. The price includes PayPal fees and shipping to United States Postal Service zip code. Basically, shipping is included if you are in the USPS service area - if I don't need a customs form. Outside USPS service area, the shipping will be at cost minus $5.

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