Deep Blue Master 1000 matte red, full kit plus extra unused strap, CONUS only, $95

No trades please.

This is the matte red version and it comes with the full kit and extra unused black silicone strap. The crystal and bezel are mark free. I bought this watch directly from Deep Blue this summer. When it arrived there was a small mark on the 9 O'clock side of the case. At the time he did not have anymore in stock so a replacement was not available. It never really bothered me that much and he sent the extra strap as consolation. The black strap was never used. Although the watch is in good condition, keep in mind this is a used watch. It is keeping time well within specs. It's been averaging -5 to 10spd when I wear it.

**Full disclosure**
If I do not mention this, you'd probably never notice. But I feel it is the right thing to do to tell you of a minor issue. If no one buys the watch, I'll just keep it since I like it.

This particular watch has a slight movement of the dial of about 1mm from the 3 to 9 O'clock. It only occurs when pulling the stem out and pushing it back in. It has not affected the operation of the watch. Deep Blue stated to me that sometimes a Master 1000 may experience this but it does not affect the operation and would does not cause any issues. My guess is this happens due to manufacturing tolerances of the plastic ring. I've had this watch since the summer and have operated the crown many times without issue and never noticed this slight movement. The only reason I noticed it was due to prepping the watch for sale by looking it over with my magnifying headset.

**To be clear--I am not selling it due to this minor issue. I am selling it (along with the other DB) to fund another watch I want.**

I accept payment via PayPal and will ship the watch USPS. I will cover all fees with PP and USPS.

I am selling this one (along with the other DBM1000) to fund another watch. Pictures show the condition of the watch.