Hi everyone,
Up for sale my rare Triton Spirotechnique. I need funds for another watches so, I need to make choice
I guess it's no need to tell you again how this is a rare bird (one of the Cousteau's watches, amazing design, military issue...)

It's in good condition with a very nice patina.
Dial and hands has original lum.
The bezel has an amazing orange/brown patina, it's really nice.

The movement ETA 2452 is working and keeps time but I do not know when was the last serviced SO SOLD AS IS. It may need serviced or oiling like all the vintage watches.

For the history, this exemple comes from Toulon where is based the Arsenal of the Marine Nationale. And it has a military issue to 95%.
As you can see, the serial number has been erased on the back, which often happened when the military wanted to keep the watch for them!
I bought it from a watch collector of MN watches and I believe this story he told me. But as there is no serial number, we can not check on the registers (the MN books)!
So it will stay a story that we want to believe or not. But it's a good one.

And even without this story, this rare french diver is a pure beauty with his incredible design.

Diameter of the watch : 38mm.

Asking price : 7500€ or very colse offers.
The watch is in France.

A trade is possible with a vintage Omega Railmaster 2914 (or 135.004), a chronograph Wittnauer 242T, a ZRC série 2 or a Leonidas CP1 (and only 1 not the CP2).

Feel free to ask me question if necessary.

Contact me by PM or on abel dot girard ..at..gmail .com

Thanks to WUS