For sale today we have a BEAUTIFUL 38mm Wakmann Bi-compax Chronograph from the late 60s/early 70s. This is an estate-sale find, and my god, what a watch.

Made in France, not Switzerland, this beautiful piece is powered by a manual-wind Valjoux 7734 movement and is in EXCELLENT condition. The watch is keeping excellent time and has been running for WEEKS with absolutely zero problems. The chronograph function keeps exceptional time and resets EXACTLY to zero. Both pushers feel crisp and responsive, sending those creme-patina hands ticking away or flying back to zero. The case is a unique, almost-square case design which makes the watch feel bigger than it is, making this 38mm watch feel like a 39 or even a 40.

The date function at 6 o'clock is a ROULETTE DATE WHEEL (alternates from black to red font), which is a really exciting way to keep a normally-quite-boring date function lively and interesting. The dial is bordered by both Tachymeter and Telemeter markings, in both Red and Blue font respectively. There is a large variety of subtle color on this watch - from the silver sunburst dial, to the blue/red outer dial markings, to the ever-changing date, this watch keeps your attention.

Finally, the matte blue stripe across the dial, sitting above a sunburst silver dial, is absolutely beautiful. Not only is it completely undamaged, but we all know blue dials are the hot trend in watches right now, placing this Wakmann right in the Goldilocks-zone of timeless and stylish. At 38mm, this watch will fit any and all modern wrists, and would be an excellent addition to anyone's collection.

This watch has not been serviced - this is the reason I am pricing the watch so low. Mechanically, I can see no issues in the watch's performance. Cosmetically, I can see some room for improvement. There is a thin layer of dirt between the crystal and the case, which my watchmaker theorizes is old glue left from a crystal replacement many years ago. These crystals are commonplace and easily replaceable at low cost to the consumer, so it should not be problematic to correct. Additionally, there is a small bit of lume missing from the minute hand, but I have had the watch in my possession for weeks with no further lume loss, so I am confident in its resilience.

I'm asking $750, which includes USA shipping and Paypal fees.

Lug width: 20mm
Lug to Lug: 41mm
Diameter: 38mm not including crown

I have bought and sold through Watchuseek with no problems, and I have a 13 year old Ebay account called neofirehawk12164 that was a 100% sellers rating.

The bracelet that this Wakmann comes on, an ORIGINAL 1960s Speidel Beads of Rice strap (with special "straight-end-links") in excellent condition, is not included with this purchase, but can be purchased at additional cost.

If you have ANY QUESTIONS WHATSOEVER please feel free to contact me through Watchuseek and I will respond promptly.

Thank you for your time.