Two recent additions to the collection that didn’t fill the intended niche. In respect to trades, I’d prefer to go two for one, but anything is possible. Been half looking for a previous generation Seastar 1000 in black or blue. I also thought I was over the bronze craze a couple years ago, but something Bronze might do the trick. I can go plus or minus cash as needed. Really just looking for mechanical divers but will consider others 41-45mm. Baby Tuna, White Big Boss,Orange Sumo, or other white dial or full lume dial diver as a few options.

<SOLD>The SK7713 is nearly perfect in every way. I just threw it on the the strap pictured and it’s included (you won't find a more comfortable strap ever) if you want but set for delivery on Monday is a strapcode Jubilee. No box or papers. Value $225.00

The SRP713 is rally nice. I love the watch. The classic script “automatic”, the polished bezel... it was supposed to be my daily but at 44mm, just wears a Little big for that. Includes the oem strap with slight wear and a brand new 2 piece NATO that I just installed. It’s unworn. There is a slight blemish on the crystal at 12:00. It’s very difficult to see and I can't seem to capture it, but its there in full disclosure. Complete kit with box, papers and hang tag. Value $125.00