Up for sale are two watches. Both watches arrived a few weeks ago with a 3rd watch that I bought the watch lot for. It was the 3rd watch I wanted so I don't need these other 2 watches.

The first watch is a 1949-1951 Hamilton Darrell. The watch is gold filled and houses a Hamilton 17 Jewels 747 manual winding movement. Service history is unknown. It does have markings on the inside of the case back showing it was worked on at some point but I do not know when.

The watch winds up well, sets well and seems to run well and keep time BUT I have not timed it or watched over it long term so I don't know how it will run long term. Nor do I know when it was last serviced.

The crown looks to be aftermarket as the original should have been signed

The watch has the normal scratches, scuffs and dings (and other wear) that a 60 plus year old watch has on it. The dial has patina on it and the crystal has scratches on it. The band is an aftermarket one.

The second watch is a Seiko 7009-5019 automatic watch in stainless steel case. The serial number seems to date it to 1986 but it has a 1970's vibe to it. Had I not known that the 7009 lineup did not start till 1978, I would have thought it was made in 1976.

The watch is a very heavy watch. It seems to be keeping good time right now but it has stopped a couple of times after the watch was taken off so I suspect it needs a cleaning/service. Like most Seiko watches, it probably has never been serviced before.

The time setting and date setting functions work as they should.( to set the day of the week, you push crown in). The case and crystal show the normal amount of wear and tear (scratches, scuffs and dings) on them as you would expect for a 30 plus year old watch. The rotor winds as it should.

The bracelet will fit at least a 7.2 inch wrist. I removed a link out of the band to have it fit on my wrist. The watch will come with that spare link. If it still does not fit you then it has a conventional lug set up so you can put a mesh or leather band on it.

As mentioned before, both watches are running but sold as needing a service or as a project. I have no history on them.


I am asking $50 shipped USA Only. Shipping is via USPS First Class with tracking

Please feel free to ask me any questions