The Seiko 6138-0040 “Bullhead”. You know it, you love it; It’s weird and it’s awesome… it’s a true Seiko classic powered by a truly underrated movement. It also wears surprisingly well despite being a sizable sport watch with a unique case. Well, after much debate, I’m letting mine go as I have to pay myself back for another purchase. So it goes.

The watch for sale is a decent example of the 6138-0040, though it’s far from NOS.

The good:
To my eye, the case has never been refinished. It’s brushed in the right places, it’s polished in the right places and has decent lines all around. That said, it’s pretty worn in.
The bezel is original and looking good.
The crystal is original as far as I can tell
The dial is in pretty good condition
The watch runs well, chrono works and resets correctly.

The bad:
The crystal has a chip in it around 11. It’s a cosmetic issue, and one that is easily ignored, but present. (see pics)
The hands have been replaced/repainted. The 6138-0040 is supposed to have white sub-dial hands, this one has yellow. I think this was a common “mod” of sorts as it actually looks better than (in my eyes) the correct version. The hands aren’t new, so this likely happened a while back. The hour and minute hands have then been repainted white, and some cracking of that paint is visible. (see pics)
No bracelet. I always wanted to get the fishbone for it, but just never pulled the trigger.

And there you have it. I’ve greatly enjoyed wearing this watch and I think anyone who is looking for a 6138-0040 to wear and enjoy freely, rather than intend on flipping, will enjoy this too. Or, if you’re looking for a small project watch, it would be good too… Old stock hands can be found on the bay, as can crystals and bracelets. Watch will come on strap shown (w&w Model 2 Premium Color 8)

Asking $500 Paypal only, CONUS preferable (international with additional shipping)

email at zach(at)wornandwound(dot)com