I received this about two weeks ago directly from Alpha and have not worn it yet as I have decided to get something else. Alpha has them on sale for $160 (what I paid) but I price this for a quick sale at $130 shipped in CONUS via Paypal, I pay fees. Watch will come with everything as it arrived from Alpha except the plastic wrapping. I am not interested in trades as I already ordered something else to replace this.

About the Watch

The clasp button action is a bit stiff, so I removed the bracelet carefully with plans to mount it on a Maratac composite strap, but never did. I wound and set it and it kept very good time sitting on my desk, but the chrono seconds hand is a little jittery at certain spots around the dial. I understand this is not uncommon, but does not affect functionality. There is a small, flat steel spring that applies tension to the chrono seconds hand wheel, and when it doesn't exert enough pressure there can be gear backlash, causing the jitter.

I'll post pix asap, but here is the listing. It is brand new, unworn, but i did remove the plastic and gave the bracelet a thorough washing after removing it from the watch. Here's Alpha's listing.

Alpha Watch

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