I'm looking to move some of my affordables to new homes:

Momentum Atlas Titanium w/Titanium Band and NATO: $150

I bought this to be a grab and go quartz, but I don't grab and go anywhere. So it sits in my watch box, unworn. I'm including the navy NATO pictured as well as the full titanium original bracelet. I don't think the bracelet is available for sale any longer. The bracelet is sized but unworn. I do have the original links as well. I'm open to selling the bracelet separately as well.

Seiko SNK809 and Hadley Roma Strap: $60

This was the first automatic I purchased. I quickly learned that I really liked automatics and moved on to something more expensive, leaving this in the watch box unworn. It's in great shape, hardly worn at all and is running fine. I'm including the original, unworn, Seiko black strap. I'm also including the pictured Hadley Roma strap. The Hadley Roma strap has been worn a handful of times but is in great shape, minus the quick change pin fell out. You just need to change the strap now with your normal strap changing tool-no big deal.

Casio DW5600 G-Shock: $35

I bought this because I thought I'd like to have two G-Shocks. Wrong-you only need one G-Shock because the first one isn't going to die. This has been worn maybe twice-no visible wear that I can see. You need a square G-Shock in your life.