Seiko MM300, Ive worn this one for around 4 years in rotation. It is well loved, and I'm not hard on watches, but 4 years of use will earn some scuffs and scratches. The photos accurately represent its condition. The bezel has numerous light swirles and scratches, which anyone who knows these watches will tell you its pretty easy to accumulate. Crystal is in perfect condition. There is a ding on the 6 o'clock lug as pictured, but overall the watch head is in good condition. It comes with a great assortment of straps as you can see in the pics. You will see in the pics that the Stock MM300 clasp is mounted on a crafter blu rubber strap, it is titanium I believe, and picks up desk diving marks with ease. I have never touched it up, but if it bugs you it would be easy to go at it with a scotch brite pad as its a bushed finish.

Included in Package:
Watch head itself, mounted on a Crafter Blue rubber band (black color) with the original MM300 extending clasp, Its sized for my 7 and 3/4 wrist, but the clasp will extend a ton further if needed, or you can cut it smaller
Ebay knock off rubber b band, its cheap, and branded with a knock off rolex crown, but its sized to the watch and works decently if you wanna use it
Cheap shark mesh mesh, uncut, should fit at least an 8.5 in wrist
Black Nato
Stock MM300 Rubber
Stock Bracelet with all links
All original packaging/boxes/manuals

Price $1400