Up for sale is a nice condition 1974 Bulova Accuquartz. This is the last evolution of the Accutron Tuning Fork saga. The watch hums just like a Accutron and the second hand glides around the dial smoothly like a accutron. On the Accuquartz watches, the tuning fork is passive and is used to move the hands while a quartz crystal controls the regulating. The result is a more accurate Accutron

I recently bought this watch with an eye to making this a semi daily wear watch to work. However I have settled on a different watch. I am selling this watch to make some money back on the other watch I just bought.

This particular watch was listed by the original seller as being one of the nicest condition Accutron/Accuquartz watches that you can see. When it arrived, I discovered that the seller was telling the truth as it is in stunning condition.

The watch is stainless steel which is actually a bit rare since most were sold in gaudy fake gold cases that look terrible in a few months. Plus a lot of the Accquartz movements were replaced with a quartz movement by Bulova.

This is all original

The watch runs well and has been running perfect against the atomic clock.

The case, crystal and case back have minor wear and tear on them and it actually looks better then most 43 year old watches look

I was not sure as to when the battery was last replaced so I had my watchmaker (who works on Accurton/tuning fork watches) replace the battery on Saturday(8/26/17) so it is ready for wearing.

The watch is shown on both a timex wrap strap and a ugly leather strap in the movement pics. The ugly leather strap came with the watch and walked its way to the trash can. The wrap strap is what I put on it to wear around(I like velcro straps) The watch will be coming on a Hadley Roma nylon/leather strap (like the type that used to be on swiss army watches in the 1980's)

This would be a nice watch for the collection. It is hard to find Accuquartz watches that run.

I am asking $100 Shipped USA Only

Shipping is via USPS with insurance and tracking

Please feel free to send me a PM with any questions