SOLD I've "modded" a few of my monsters, swapping movements, bezels, etc and this is basically what I have left over.....its a SRP313 case with the innards of an SRP581. I used the SRP581 PVD case and the blue bezel to mod other watches and then dropped this entire movement, hands, dial, etc into the 313 case. Both watches were less than a month old, the movement and hands are just like brand new, never removed the hands or handled the dial or anything like that, just dropped it from one case into another. The crystal is also perfect. The only blemish on the case is where I popped off the bezel, circled in red, not bad at all but full disclosure, I'm almost certain it would be hidden completely by another bezel. Surely someone could use these parts for some modding or movement replacement of their own. I think SOLD $100 SOLD is reasonable, we shall see. NO BEZEL included, no boxes, no papers, it's just what you see in the pics. I've go many feedbacks here. Price is to your door in the USA, paypal only. I'll eat the fees and pay the shipping.