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FS: Seiko 7C46 Golden Tuna Bezel, OEM, USED, $110. OBRO

Posted by Grammarofdesign in
$125 $30 below median

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Seiko Tuna 7C46-7008 / -7009 bezel. Seiko Part Number 86310983.

I do not know the fair market value so I'll take a stab and ask $125. shipped CONUS or add $13.50 to go overseas. I am open to a reasonable offer if my listed price is too high. Really just want to get it to a good home.

Notice the acrylic resin insert area is generally in good, but definitely used, condition. Between the 45 to 55 markers it is scuffed. Here's an old Network 54 article I found in case you are brave:

The top has the gold color titanium nitride coating worn off as shown in the photos. It pretty much looks silver from the top and sides.

This is definitely not a perfect specimen but it can upgrade a 7C46 in need of a facelift and sure beats putting the wrong bezel on. I am not aware of any aftermarket bezels for this reference and these OEM bezels don't come up for sale too often.

Final photo shows it on a Tuna without a shroud - watch not included just for illustrative purposes - wow do we really have to make disclaimers like that on a Forum ?
Or should I just say "watch not included, duh." ?

Thanks for looking.

(Also have the OEM stem/spring/crown if you are interested in that PM me. Crown has a fairly major ding in it but excellent threads and all the stem components)

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06/06/2017 FS: Seiko 7C46 Golden Tuna Bezel, OEM, USED, $110. OBRO $125
06/06/2017 FS: Seiko 7C46 Tuna Bezel, OEM, USED, $125. OBRO $125

Estimated Private Party Value $75 — $240

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