Hi WUS Community,

Here's an office head-turner for sale OR TRADE; my Seiko Kinetic SKA478.

I'm selling off a majority of my collection to obtain quick funds for a family situation.

This was my first dress watch, I am the ORIGINAL OWNER. What can I say?...

Kinetic movement, pusher for checking the charge of the battery. Haven't worn it in a while, so it's doing the "every 2 second tick" - but after a few good shakes...BOOM! Off and running again. A few desk diving scratches on the clasp, but overall...IT'S BEAUTIFUL!

The dial is stunning with blue and gold, lots of sun ray action going on. I'm a man in my mid-40's, maybe this piece isn't as popular with the younger crowd...hey, maybe Pops would dig it? LOL

COMES WITH ALL BOXES, HANG TAGS, PILLOW AND PAPERWORK (Oh, and extra link that I removed. Tucked in the pillow.)

I'm ONLY asking USD $60
.00 OBRO PayPal'd only (I'll cover shipping, but NO FEES to me please)

As far as trades go, how about 22mm ZULUs / NATOs / ISOFRANE - CLONES / etc. ?

Anyway,the deal is for CONUS only. It's easier for me, cheaper too. Sorry to my friends abroad.


I'm an American stationed in Italy on a US Navy Base. My postage is strictly through USPS and the Military Postal Service. Generally, it takes 7 TO 10 days' time to get from here to your location in CONUS. I ship via Priority Mail /Insured for the full price of the watch.

I've got a few great ratings here, but I'm Mr.Sluggo22 over on "The Bay". Over 400 transactions, with NO ISSUES. I'm one of the "Good Guys".

Here's the pics: